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Career Web Project- Angela Vitagliano

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Angela Vitagliano Vitagliano1 SLS1101 Oct. 28, 2008 Career Web Essay For our Career Web Project Assignment we were instructed to compile a list of websites related to our desired career field. These websites were intended to help studentís research different aspects of their desired career. My major is dental hygiene, and I hope to graduate from Santa Fe College as a registered dental hygienist. I chose this field for several important reasons. Hygienists have very competitive pay rates, the schedule is very flexible, and there is plenty of opportunity to build on education. The average pay rate for a hygienist in Florida is right around thirty dollars an hour. After completing some of the online research, I found that the average hourly rate for a hygienist in Arizona is about five dollars more. This is a benefit to me since I plan to move to Arizona after I graduate. I also found that the increased rate is not related to higher cost of living. The higher rate is a result of less qualified candidates to fill job positions. Florida produces about twice as many registered dental hygienists as Arizona, yet the demand is about the same. This equals more money for me! Another great aspect of being a dental hygienist, is the amazing schedule. I am guaranteed a Monday through Friday schedule with almost every holiday off. It is almost impossible to find a dental office open on any type of holiday. I have a four-year-old daughter, and I am expecting a son very soon. My schedule is a very important factor I must consider in my career. In my research I found that most employers allow their hygienists to schedule patients at their convenience. This is just about the greatest job bonus I could ask for. It is imperative that I am able to work mornings, and I love the idea Vitagliano2 of choosing my days off. I have always felt it is just as important to spend time with my kids, as it is to provide for them. This was not an option for me in the past. I used to work any day of the week, and all types of shifts for very little pay. I had to miss out on a lot of quality time with my daughter to provide for us. Becoming a dental hygienist would set me free from this burdening decision of spending time with my family or working. I will be able to make a decent amount of money, and still be home for the holidays. I might even be able to make it to a school play or two! One downside to a hygienistís career is that it is inevitably short lived. The average hygienistís career doesnít extend past twenty years. The physical strain is debilitating after years of hygiene work. Fortunately, there is room to grow. The flexible schedule as a hygienist will enable me to continue my education while working. I would like to complete a Bachelorís Degree in teaching. I think teaching could be a great option when hygiene has taken itís toll on my body. It is almost like a little retirement plan! I think this exercise was very helpful to college students trying to decide on a career. My research gave me a lot of interesting information on my field of interest. Most of the information I found was a positive reinforcement that hygiene is the right career for my needs. I at least covered the most important areas like pay, schedule and room for improvement. I think I will be very happy as a dental hygienist!!